Democrats And GOP Team Up Against The White House To Defend McCain [DETAILS]

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney came to the defense of Arizona Senator John McCain on Saturday following a recent outpour of politicians who came forth to demand an apology from a White House aide for mocking the senator’s cancer.

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Romney stated on his Twitter Saturday that McCain’s attackers “humiliate themselves” after White House special assistant Kelly Sadler poked fun McCain’s cancer diagnosis during a meeting with communication staffers Thursday morning.

“John McCain makes America great. Father, grandfather, Navy pilot, POW hero bound by honor, an incomparable and irrepressible statesman. Those who mock such greatness only humiliate themselves and their silent accomplices,” Romney wrote.

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The reported remarks sparked outrage in Washington, where lawmakers from both sides of the political spectrum demanded apologies from Sadler and the White House.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry, also came to McCain’s aide remarking that he and McCain learned some “four-letter” words while serving in the navy that could be applied to McCain’s critics.

“Actually Jeff, you’re too kind,” Kerry wrote after Flake tweeted “there are no words” in response to the story.

“There are words – four letter ones. If @SenJohnMcCain and I didn’t know how to use them before the Navy, we became fluent in them then. And they all apply to anyone who would say anything like that about John or any family battling cancer.”



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