Great Britain FURIOUS After Republican Posts Obscenely Racist Photo of Prince Harry’s Fiancé [Tweets]

In the Trump era, Republicans watch the president post whatever his heart desires on Twitter and think they can do the same.  GOP candidate Paul Nehlen just found out the hard way that the president receives special treatment on Twitter.

Nehlen posted an altered photo of Price Harry standing next to his fiancè Meghan Markle.  The photo (below) depicts Markle as the prehistoric “Cheddar Man,” who is Britain’s most ancient complete skeleton.

The tweet received such a massive negative backlash that Twitter suspended Nehlen’s account indefinitely.  Twitter officials told Newsweek:

“While we normally do not comment on individual accounts, I can confirm that we have permanently suspended this account for repeated violations of our terms of service.”

Here is a screenshot of the tweet below:

Nehlen went on to explain why he posted the photo:

Nehlen’s conservative backers organized an effort to reinstate Nehlen by changing their avatars to Nehlen and their usernames to “Paul Nehlan” with the hashtags #ShallNotCensor and #FreeNehlen.

Markle’s Suits co-star, Patrick J Adams, showed up to remind Nehlen that Markle is “way above” his “weight class.”

Twitter user “Sleeping Giants” responded to the issue by pointing out that advertisers will drop out of Twitter if their brands get placed next to racist scum:

What is your reaction?

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